Our website has been updated to allow sponsors and supporters to more closely interact with the Lehigh Formula SAE team. A twitter account has been established to quickly update our followers with the development and production status of the vehicle.

The X43 prototype vehicle is currently in the manufacturing phase, preparing for our unveiling on April 5 and the Formula SAE Design Competition from May 8 to 11. The chassis core supplied by DIAB has been routed with the 5-axis CNC mill in the IMBT Composites Lab on the Lehigh Mountaintop Campus. Team members adhered the chassis pieces together and the chassis core was wrapped in Hexcel carbon fiber with Huntsman epoxy and has cured. Suspension components and upright welding jigs were machined in the Dravo student machine shop in Packard Lab, and the suspension will be welded and assembled shortly.

The vehicle unveiling and sponsor networking reception will take place April 5 in the Wood Dining Room of Iaccoca Hall. We hope that our sponsors and supporters can attend the event to meet the team and learn more about the vehicle and our plans for the future. One month after the unveiling the team will be preparing for the trip to the Michigan International Speedway for the annual SAE design competition, which is held the throughout the week beginning on May 8.

The team will now be releasing status updates, with our most recent winter update available here.

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